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Know vs. Quest

Until today I had never tried the Know brand cookies. The reason? Too pricey! I've had the Quest Chocolate Chip Cookies before and they were pretty tasty. I've heard lots of people rave about the Know cookies so I was eager to try them. And I did! So here is my side by side comparison between Know and Quest.


Well, the recent Cyber Monday on Amazon had an offer I couldn't pass up. The current price on Amazon for an 8 count of Know Chocolate Chip cookies is around $19.97, which makes it about $2.50 per cookie! Not a chance. So a more affordable option was Quest Chocolate Chip Cookies which was a 12 count for around the same price, $19.00 a box, but with the Subscribe & Save with 15% off, I end up paying $16.15 a box which is $1.34 per cookie. So this Cyber Monday, they were on sale, plus my Subscribe & Save 15% off (having at least 5 items I'm subscribed to gives me a 15% off discount) discount I got a box of Know Cookies for $10.99/box which made each cookie $1.37 each! What a great chance to try them out! Unfortunately the Cyber Monday deal is no longer available so we have to go by the regular or Subscribe & Save Price.

*Note: there may be other places to purchase these. I'm going by where I purchased them.

KNOW 8 pack: Current Price: $19.97/bx ($2.59 per cookie)

Subscribe & Save 5% off: $18.97/bx ($2.37 per cookie)

Subscribe & Save 15% off: $16.99/bx ($2.12 per cookie)

QUEST 12 pack: Current Price: $19.77/bx ($1.65 per cookie)

Subscribe & Save 5% off: $18.78/bx ($1.57 per cookie)

Subscribe & Save 15% off: $16.80/bx ($1.40 per cookie)

Keep in mind, Amazon prices can change daily, even multiple times a day. These prices were the current price at the time I wrote this blog.

Based on the prices above,




As far as Keto goes, we know the fewer the ingredients, the better. Here you can see that the Know Cookie has 15 ingredients, and the Quest cookie has 18, BUT their ingredients include sunflower lecithin (highly processed) and even though it's a very tiny amount, peanuts.

Net Carbs. Know brand cookies are sweetened with Allulose. Although it isn't technically a sugar alcohol, because it ranks as a 0 on the glycemic index, the "sugars" may be deducted from the total carbs like fiber and sugar alcohols can.

Know net carbs: 3g

Quest net carbs: 4g

Know protein: 7g

Quest protein: 15g


Know has less ingredients that are ALL 100% Keto, and one less net carb. Quest has more ingredients 2 of which aren't strict Keto. Quest does have significantly more protein but because of Know brand's strict Keto ingredients, they win the round.



The Know cookies are smaller. They appear "oaty" and moist. The Quest cookies are larger, but appear drier. I'm not a fan of oatmeal, but some people might be so they "oatmeal raisin" appearance might be appealing. Based on people's individual preferences this one is a tough call.




Just as I suspected the Know cookies had an "oatmeal" texture, but the cookie was very moist. The "chocolate chips" reminded me of raisins, so the combination was unpleasant to me since as I mentioned I'm not a fan of oatmeal or raisins for that matter. The Quest cookies, while they are soft, they are also somewhat dry. The chocolate chips definitely taste like chocolate chips though. I choked down the Know cookie, for the sake of science! I'm saving the rest of the Quest cookie for tomorrow, since I know what it tastes like. If you like oatmeal raisin cookies, you might prefer the Know brand Chocolate Chip cookie. I had my husband try both and he definitely preferred the Know cookie, because of the "oatmeal raisin" resemblance.

Winner: TIE

CONCLUSION? It's a tie. It boils down to personal preference. As someone that practices STRICT Keto, while I prefer the taste of the Quest cookies I'll have to opt for the Know cookies if I want a fast & convenient pre-made sweet treat. Of course the best option is something that can be made at home using whole ingredients.


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